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NEW - BLACK & WHITE fragrance collections

I've been making candles for 10 years now. What started as a hobby to create handmade gifts for friends & family has  developed across two businesses and into one of our best selling ranges at Lomas & Lomas. 


At the beginning I made candles in vintage teacups and glassware for my previous business, For The Love Of Vintage- a vintage events company. I would make these for bridal party gifts and sell these at vintage fairs across Manchester & Cheshire. It was a real kitchen table business, the dining room table and every surface in the kitchen used

to be covered in candles waiting to set.


I find candle making such a soothing activity and I've spent a decade developing my skills and

really honing fragrance combinations.


For The Love Of Vintage - my days creating tea parties and handmade vintage china candles

When we launched Lomas & Lomas,  I knew I wanted to keep candle making as an element of the new business. Having a home fragrance range seemed to be a perfect fit for our new interiors brand.

We began with 5 fragrances and moved from vintage china to whisky style glasses and topped them with silver dust covers.

Our first candle design
Our first candle design

Over the last 4 years our fragrances have developed quite a bit from where we started and we've introduced a line of handmade room diffusers. With last years rebrand and our recent store expansion in March we knew now was the right time to grow our home fragrance range again.

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The new BLACK collection - Rosewood & Moss Candle

We have now doubled the number of scents and created two distinct collections,

which we think has a fragrance for every home - available as a candle and room diffuser.


The Black collection is all about woody, aromatic, oriental, sensual fragrances which create a calming atmosphere,

to cocoon your senses and help you to relax and unwind.


Rosewood & Moss

Cedarwood & Geranium

Blackberry & Bay

Amber & Black Lily

Moroccan Orange Blossom

Orchid & Lotus Flower



The White collection, with its fresh, fruity & floral scents, awakens your senses and lifts your mood.

Ideal for filling your home with fresh fragrances.


Seaweed & Juniper

Ginger Lily & Ylang Ylang

Eucalyptus & Bay

Cassis & Fig

Black Plum & Rhubarb

Mandarin, Lime & Basil

Spiced Orange (Christmas fragrance)



The diffuser packing has had a little revamp too,  now in matt glass bottles with a wooden cap.


Our diffusers use an eco-friendly base solution mixed with essential & fragrance oils. They come with black fibre

reeds which are extremely efficient as dispersing the fragrance into the air and don't clog as

much as traditional reeds or need to be turned.


Bottles are also supplied with a plastic travel plug and come gift box tube.



All the new fragrances are now available to buy direct from our online or why not drop by our Peak District store

and let your senses explore all the new range.


Bye for now

Sharon x

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