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Today's home stories comes from one of my favourite Instagram accounts, the lovely Joanne at @hardcastletowers. 

Joanne's home is filled with colour and personality, is beautifully styled and is a home filled with love.


Kick back with a cuppa and take a tour of this wonderfully unique home. 

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Joanne & her cat Albus

Who lives here?

I live here with my husband Tim, my oldest daughter Lily is at uni in London, so is back visiting often, my foster daughter Iris, Albus the cat who is 11 and Minerva the cat who is 7.


How long have you lived here and what type of property is it?

We moved in one week before Lily’s first birthday so just over 19 years. It’s an end terrace Edwardian house set out of the four floors.



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Did you fall in love with your home instantly? What was the one feature that sealed the deal for you?




It’s a really funny story how we came to buy the house. I knew the people who lived here, I'd called it an old student house before but it was more of a home where lots of people with no else to go lived! I knew the lady who owned it, and she came to view our little cottage that was for sale. We went to see the house and it was in such a state and full of dodgy looking fellas. I fell in love instantly with the etched glass Edwardian windows in the dining room door.



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      Where do you seek your inspiration? 

     So we moved in one week before Lily’s birthday. It was a dump and my relations thought that we were insane. I had given up work to look after Lily so we were living on one wage, and had no money to renovate. We had lots of plans but knew we would have to wait.  I get my inspiration from all over, obviously these days Instagram features quite heavily. Often I will get an idea for a scheme from one piece, and everything will come together around that. The colour scheme in the front room all comes from a plate I found in a secondhand shop, I had the green paint for the walls mixed to match that. 


      What was the first job in your home you tackled?

     The first job we tackled was what is now the dining room, as I mentioned it was one week before Lily’s first birthday and we threw a party. It was all hands on deck to get one room in a liveable state. We were really nervous of the scale at first, and it was painted in quite pale colours- pale blue and beige (yes beige!).



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no longer beige & blue

      Were there any surprises during the revamp/renovation?

      Every single job we have tackled has been a surprise, up in the attic we took a poster down off the wall and there was a huge hole behind it. Everything costs more than we expected it to, took longer than we expected it to and usually leads to another job. 


      What do you think has been the most successful area of your interior?

     The most successful thing we’ve done is the kitchen extension. I lived here for 15 years with a tiny kitchen with no cupboards which was more like a corridor. I didn’t think there was room to build an extension because of how the garden is laid out but one day I had a brainstorm, it’s only a small extension but it has made a massive difference.


     Are there any failures in your design/DIY that you care to admit to?

     I don’t think there have been many failures, I don’t look back and cringed but my taste has certainly changed, and I have become far more brave in my choices.


      Which is your favourite room?

     My favourite room is always the most recent one that I’ve done. I really love my bedroom it’s such a calming place, but I always go back to the front room. It’s such a relaxing place where we all gather as a family. There are lots of textures and layers in there, it’s one of my favourite places to be.


Joanne's master bedroom revamp

Joanne's favourite - front room

     Do you have a favourite object in your home?

     I don’t think I have a favourite object here as such, I love the period features and I’m very fond of the fireplace in the front room which we replaced, it used to belong to an old school and I love that it has that history.


      Any golden nuggets of advice to share to anyone undertaking their own revamp/renovation, did you learn any lessons?

      My advice is find your own style, and be brave. Don’t try and copy other people or follow trends. Take your time and let things evolve organically, only buy things for your home that you truly love and don’t compromise. 


bathroom inspiration metro tiles vintage style tiled floor inspiration
My favourite room in Joanne's house

     Do you have anywhere in your home that doesn’t make it onto Instagram?

     Places that don’t make it onto Instagram, ha ha! Well there is the basement, we have three rooms down there. It has a separate access from outside and it’s an amazing space, but it’s just full of junk and quite prone to flooding when we have heavy rain. We’ve often thought about making it into a more usable space, but we don’t have an attic so we lack storage.

     I also use one of the rooms down there as a utility room, and I would hate to have the washing machine and all the ironing up in the house. 


     The children’s rooms have only just started to make an appearance on the gram. There is one that I think I’ve only shown once, Iris chose all the things in there herself and is totally not to my taste. It’s very pink with flock wallpaper!



      What’s the next project you have planned? 

     There are two projects I am planning at the moment. We have a small back garden which I’m planning some changes to make it into a more usable space. Inside I'm about to tackle the hall stairs and landing, that is a massive job! 


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Thank you Joanne for sharing your home with us. I absolutely love Joanne's colourful, bold, bright maximalist home and that bathroom is one of my dreams!


You can follow Joanne's home stories over on Instagram at @hardcastletowers also a co-host on @storyofmyhome and follow her blog Hardcastle Towers

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    Joanne (Sunday, 23 June 2019 18:17)

    I love this! Thank you so much for a fab blog xxx

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    What a fab tour of Joanne's wonderful home! ❤

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    Thank you Joanne, we have just loved sharing your beautiful home x

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    Lomas & Lomas (Tuesday, 25 June 2019 12:22)

    Thank you Nancy Jane (offbeat.viintage.girl) its just such a stunning home!

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    Sharron Paravizzini (Sunday, 22 March 2020 09:29)

    Wow I absolutely love the bathroom tiles they are beautiful can you please tell me where you got them from o love them thanks sharron

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    Sarah (Tuesday, 23 June 2020 08:57)

    LOVE IT!
    You have a great eye for detail and have house Into a home!
    I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the paint that you used in the kitchen please.