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Welcome to the latest edition of our home story series, sharing our favourite most creative homes we find on Instagram. This week's home tour is courtesy of Emma's home aka @emmalou171275.


Like me, Emma rents her property and I always admire renters home who can make a real creative stamp on their property. Most landlords are not so accommodating when it comes to allowing their tenants to decorate, which is pretty short sighted in my book.


All the tenants I know who have been allowed to invest in the property they call home, have cared for their four walls as if it were their own - surely that's the very best tenant a landlord could wish for and at the end of the tenancy you can always paint the neutrals back in before you leave.


 So grab a cuppa and lets settle down to Emma's home story.

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How long have you lived here and what type of property is it?

We have lived here for 6 years and its a 3 bedroom end terrace

Did you fall in love with your home instantly?

What was the one feature that sealed the deal for you? No not at all.  We were previously renting a 4 bed bungalow, which I loved but we had to move as they were selling it  to be honest i was gutted.

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Had you mentally redecorated before moving in or did your scheme come together over a period of time?

I was quite upset at having to move.  The bungalow was spacious, this seemed very small.  I wasn't sure how  could make it great.

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Where do you seek your inspiration?

I seek my inspiration from Instagram and i love the interior magazines.  The main thing for me is that I like something.

What was the first job in your home you tackled?

When we moved in it was all magnolia.  As its a rented property I was just going to add my stamp with furniture and accessories but it just still seemed so bland so I knew I had to do something.  I started by adding colour to the walls, going from light to dark.

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Were there any surprises during the revamp/renovation?

No surprises just a change in attitude really.  I needed to forget it was a rental and inject a bit of love!

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What do you think has been the most successful area of your interior?

I'm quite happy with the progress that I've made but I'd say the paint effect I used in my bedroom is my favourite.  I actually surprised myself with the outcome.

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Are there any failures in your design/DIY that you care to admit to?

Yes, when I decorated the front porch I decided I wanted to paint it grey, pink and rose gold.  I actually had no idea what effect I wanted to create and just tried to wing it.  Needless to say it looked hideous and I had to repaint it.

Which is your favourite room?

I would say my lounge.  It has most of my favourite pieces in as I spend most of my time in here.  I love to be surrounded by nice things!

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Do you have a favourite object in your home?

One of my favourite pieces has to be my swans head.  She is so beautiful and a real show stopper.

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Any golden nuggets of advice to share to anyone undertaking their own revamp/renovation, did you learn any lessons?

I have a tendency to rush into things without thinking too much.  This has often resulted in a lot of  hard work, not lo a ago  I had to repaint my dining area 3 times over as it just wasn't right.

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Do you have anywhere in your home that doesn’t make it onto Instagram?

Definitely the en-suite.  Its the only room that I haven't really done anything to.  I also find as some of my rooms are so small they are difficult to photograph.

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What’s the next project you have planned?

I've pretty much decorated every room several times and I'm all painted out!  I think I need to have a go at making the en-suite more presentable.

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Thank you Emma for sharing your home with us. What I love about Emma's home is how she has created a truly unique interior in her rental property with layer upon layer of texture, her eclectic style and the use of paint effects to add depth. This doesn't look like your average rented home, which is of course a good thing. You can follow Emma's home stories over on Instagram at @emmalou171275


Thanks for stopping by, we will be back next week with another home story

Bye for now

Sharon x



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