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Hello and welcome to our latest edition of A Story of Home. This week we visit the home of Eve aka @the_crieff_house . Eve's home is full of colourful pops and pretty styling. Pop the kettle on and settle down with a cuppa and take a snoop around. Over to you Eve...


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House Bio: I'm Eve, and I live here with my soon to be four year old son, Harry.


How long have you lived here and what type of property is it?

We moved into our mid terrace house,  May 2018. It is an older property, around 150 years however sadly none of the features have been preserved over time.

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Did you fall in love with your home instantly? What was the one feature that sealed the deal for you? 

This is the first time I've owned my own property, so while it was the top choice of houses we viewed within budget there was definitely some compromises too.

The ground floor is smaller, as there is a passageway to the back garden however upstairs there is more floor space meaning the bedrooms are a lot more spacious. I also love that it is built over three floors which makes it feel larger and separates the different areas of the house well.  This and the larger rooms upstairs sold it to me. 


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Had you mentally redecorated before moving in or did your scheme come together over a period of time?

The only room I had a definite vision of what I wanted was the living room which is one of my favourite spaces in the house as it feels most complete. 

The other rooms are coming together over time. I've learned it's easier to focus on one room at a time rather than trying to do tackle the whole space at once. Which can be hard when you are impatient and the house needs a lot of work done! 

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Where do you seek your inspiration?

Obviously I love Instagram for inspiration as well as Pinterest! I subscribe to an interiors magazine and have started to buy annual interior design review books too. 

Whilst I wouldn't describe my style as country, I do live in a rural area and whilst out walking/ driving I always look around at different colours and textures for inspiration and would say that having a touch of nature in my house in some form or another is important to me. 

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What was the first job you tackled?

The living room, kitchen area downstairs was the first job since What was the first job in your home you tackled?we spent the majority of time here. so having a comfortable place to retreat to in the chaos is important! New flooring, carpets and giving rooms a fresh coat of paint was also a priority. I'm only now finishing of my son's bedroom however as this was quickly refreshed in the first few weeks it hasn't felt challenging to live with. The same goes for the landing area and stairs, ideally I would like to limewash the walls to give a more aged feel however this will be an expensive job as it's such a large area but in the meantime it was within budget to refresh the walls and lay carpet. 


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Were there any surprises during the revamp/renovation?

Nothing too major! The kitchen units on the top had been fitted to sell the house I think. There was one corner unit which had only been faced so when it was first opened after moving it I discovered it was just a covered hole with no internal cabinet. I wanted to remove the top cabinets anyway and replace with shelving as it's such a small space it felt over crowded. 


What do you think has been the most successful area of your interior?

The living room is the most successful area right now as I mentioned it's the most complete room, however I think the other rooms will come together over time. It takes patience and a sizeable budget to get things exactly as you want them!

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Are there any failures in your design/DIY that you care to admit to?

Yes definitely, I think they have come down to not sticking with my instincts in certain choices such as the pink walls in the bedroom and laying a carpet instead if wooden floors. However at the time I was making decisions with a partner and making those compromises can be hard if you have different styles! 

Which is your favourite room?

I'm making some changes to my bedroom and I think this will become my new favourite room. I love the wallpaper, although I appreciate it's probably a very divisive choice it reflects me and my style well. 

I had compromised on the other walls initially and gone lighter however going over to the dark side will compliment the moodiness of the wallpaper and make the space feel more cohesive.  I find darker bedrooms much cosier personally, however I've never been a morning person I enjoy reading (or scrolling Instagram!) In here more than I want light and bright in the morning. I want to ease In to my day! 


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Do you have a favourite object in your home?

I think it's probably my Sophie Abbott painting, I love art work and this is the first original piece I've owned. I hope to keep building up a collection over the years!

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Any golden nuggets of advice to share to anyone undertaking their own revamp/renovation, did you learn any lessons? 


Take your time and follow your gut! Consider practical choices first such as adding in new power sockets, and lighting as this may mean you have to strip back the walls to do.  You don't want to be limited In furniture layout ect further down the line because of this. 


You have to live with the choices you make so try not to be too influenced with trends or what other people are doing in their homes. Putting together a mood board either on Pinterest or PowerPoint to create the look you want can help you stay focused and makes sure everything works together. It can be easy to fall in love with an something, buy it and then it just doesn't work in the space...which I've definitely been guilty of before! 


I also think you need to consider what rooms are a priority, which space will make the house more enjoyable to live in while other work is completed.

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Do you have anywhere in your home that doesn’t make it onto Instagram?


Yes, I actually have a small entrance hall which leads In to the living room which has never been featured as it's in much need of an upgrade. It hasn't been a priority as I tend to use the back door and doesn't impact how I feel about the house day to day. Although it will obviously be great when I can get round to finishing it off! 


I haven't featured the office/ guest room much as again not much has been done with it up to this point although i am going to make this Into a TV room. It's across from Harry's bedroom so i'm hoping this means most of the mess is contained to the top floor and downstairs will be more of a socialising space. 


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What’s the next project you have planned? 

As I mentioned Changing the office into a TV room. I want to make it very cosy and relaxed with lots of fairy lights,  floor  and scatter cushions alongside  low seating. This will work for us because it will be more child friendly and relaxed than the living room downstairs. 

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Thanks Eve for sharing your home story with us. I love Eve's sense of styling and especially how she works with lots of colour pops against dark, giving her interiors a real zing.


Eve has recently started a business Crieff Interior Styling offering seasonal decor, styling for small events such as parties, home staging and help with bringing a more cohesive feel to a space, when a full redesign is not an option or needed.  You can follow Eve's ongoing home story over on Instagram at @the_crieff_house


We will be back next week with our last home story of 2019 and its a corker. We will then be taking a little a little break while we concentrate on getting out our Christmas orders.


Bye for now

Sharon x

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