Roller Blind - How To Measure

Our blinds are made to measure to fit your windows perfectly. Once you have chosen a design, follow our simple step by step "How to Measure" guide below. When choosing your blind order the closest dimensions ABOVE the dimensions you require so that we can price your order correctly then enter your SPECIFIC DIMENSIONS in the order notes when placing your order so that we can cut your blind to the exact size required.

Blinds take approx 14 - 21 days to produce

PLEASE NOTE: Your blinds are a made to measure bespoke product. We advise that you check, double check and check again your measurements as refunds will not be given for customers incorrect measurements

Follow our step by step guide below to measuring for your blinds.

Top tip - only use a metal tape measure as fabric ones can often stretch and give inaccurate measurements


Fitted inside the frame

Step 1

Measure the width of the inside of your window frame, we recommend you measure at the top of the frame, in the middle and at the bottom. Older house especially can have uneven window frames. The smallest of the 3 measurement is your recess width.

Step 2

Measure the height of the inside of your window frame, this is you recess height. Do not make any adjustments to these measurements for the fittings our manufacturers will take care of that.


Fitted outside the frame

Step 1

Measure the width of your window frame, then + 10cm: this helps keep light out by creating an overlap over the window frame.

This total measurement should be exact to where you wish the fabric to finish, add more than 10cm if you wish the finished blind to fit much wider than the window frame and overlap allowance..

Step 2

Measure the drop you wish your blind to be, then + 8cm: this allows for the fitting height and minimises light leakage.